What happened to our blog?

What happened to our blog?

It's been a while, but it's nice to be back.

The blog is where it all started, a place where I wanted to document my experiences through my love for snowboarding, but over time and since the implementation of the store, it has since started to diminish. For that I apologise greatly to those who were regular readers, and considering we ended up just becoming a hub for reposted videos, it was great to have an audience that stuck by Boardinary through the transition into the store. 

A lot has happened in the past year, and a lot will happen in the year to come, but I am so excited to put the focus back into the area of the website which has been so important since its inception. I won't lie, the store has been a struggle, people just aren't looking at paying a premium for quality brands anymore and online especially is so price driven. But in order to give Boardinary it's key unique selling point once again, comes the rebirth of the blog.

There are many reasons why the blog started to decline: lack of time on snow, day job, how busy I am developing the store, looking after two little toe rags. But it is part of the history of Boardinary and something I am not willing to let fade away easily. With the rebirth will come regular, original content from people in all walks of snowboarding, and hopefully once again Boardinary can deliver something worth reading about.


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