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Ramblings Of A Park Rat...

First of all I'd just like to give a big shout out to Boardinary for allowing me to post a blog, I love how sleek and super stylish the website is, which I think ties in perfectly with all the awesome clothes and accessories they sell. Just a little bit about me...My name’s Jay Buckley, I'm a 27 year ld snowboarder and photographer currently living in Warrington (Cheshire) in the North West – my local dome is Chill FactorE in Manchester.  I started out snowboarding as a 17 year old, it was literally the first thing I learnt to do as soon as I passed my driving test.  For a good 12 months I drove down to Tamworth Snowdome every other weekend so I could ride (Chill FactorE didn't exist back then). After taking an extended break from snowboarding (around 7 years to be exact) – I decided around 18 months ago that I’d head down to Chill FactorE and check it out.  Since then I've been completely hooked (again), snowboarding is literally the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and it keeps me awake at night when I’m thinking about what tricks I want to try and learn, or what this week’s park layout is going to be like. The thing that I love the most about snowboarding is that you can ride exactly how you like and do whatever you want, there are no limits or restrictions - whether you’re an 8 year old kid absolutely sending it in the park, a flatland technician, a speed demon or someone who just wants to cruise around taking in the scenery – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  It welcomes people from all walks of life. Most people would label me as a “Park Rat” (and they’d be right to be fair). I love progressing and nailing new tricks, what’s even better is being able to ride with a large crew of people - I've made some mates for life.  One of my favourite noises in the world is the sound of fists clanking against the POMA lift when someone stomps a trick. I’ve just recently adventured into the photography side of the sport - so I have something to do when I'm too tired (or broken more often than not) to ride.  It’s awesome seeing the smiles on people’s faces when you capture their tricks on camera. Callum-Sequence-Watermark Snowboarding isn’t about big tricks or technical ability, it’s about being stylish and looking cool, which goes hand in hand with Boardinary.  My favourite products have got to be the new BRTN range from BURTON, it all looks amazing and combines technical snowsports clothing with outerwear fashion so you can look dope regardless of whether you’re on a mountain, in the dome, or on the streets That’s about it from me! If you see me knocking around Chill FactorE be sure to come and say hello!  I’ll be the one lying on my back in the park or stood in the landing zone looking through my DSLR. Looking forward to posting more stuff in future! As always, big up to all the riders at Chill FactorE and The Boobytrap Crew (it’s a movement).  Big thanks to Maverix, BT Action Sports Photography and Jess Edmondson for the pictures of me as well! Cheers, Jay Instagram: @jae_buckley - @nocomplyphotography Facebook:

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