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Poler Stuff Napsack Adventures - Swansea, Wales

image3 After making my way down to the Gower in Swansea with my mate "H" the photographer (as he's known). With a great night of camping, fires, some beverages, photography and chilling in mind. The skies were clear he whole way ... For the journey there and then the heavens opened, it rained ALOT and the wind rolled in. A very unpleasant night it was! Although that did not stop me as I was extactic to try out my new Poler Stuff napsack (in camo). Getting in to the sleeping bag is always the easy part, but doing anything else in a normal (boring) sleeping bag is a task. Unlike the napsack which offers freedom to every limb from wonders around, to that night time toilet run. No need to get out the napsack!! The possibilities of everyday things in your sleeping bag.. WITHOUT having to leave it ?! Amazing. image6 After wriggling in to the napsack and undoing the arm holes from there on it was prime chilling and alcoholic beverage holding. With the sleeping bag tied at the end so I'm warm and not having to awkwardly lift my arm and sip my drink. Also the pockets are perfect bottle holding size. image2 I slept the night in the napsack happily and warm despite the driving wind and torrential rain. Put the hood up and it was like I had been transported to some sort of sleeping bag heaven. The next morning the storm had cleared the sea was glistening with small ripples rolling in. It was bliss! Without having to get out of the napsack I hinched it to my waste and wondered to the beach. At this time in the morning anything goes. When I mean anything, I mean I  was on the beach in the morning in a napsac sat on a plastic chair. It was great. On the way to the beach we managed to find a plastic garden chair and it became my camp vibes buddy for the shoot. As Henry fired the shutter on the beast of his camera; whilst I was climbing sand dunes, lying around in the sand, walking the beach and even sitting in the ocean. All from the comfort and warmth of the napsack. image8 The possibilities of what the napsack is capable of are endless. Im definitely going to be exploring more of its endless possibilities in the near future. It has definitely now become my essential travel buddy. Photo credit to Henry Bird. Shop the napsack on boardinary here.

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