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ON THE ROAD #2 - THE VGC from nowamean on Vimeo. We visited Phil Tardif and Nic Marcoux secret snowpark, the VGC. Men that place is awesome, need more days like this during winter time !! With Phil Tardif, Tbag, Eric Lamothe and Fred Lacroix. Film and edit by Jerome Page ***We got this video online on www.kingsnowmag.com but totally forgot to get it on vimeo. So after episode 3 and 4, here's episode 2 !! DEAD END A vision of an apocalyptic future set in the wastelands of Quebec. Total social decay is just around the corner in the spectacular yet different snowboard oriented movie, where snowboarders do their best to lay down the tricks in the stylish possible way. Here we see the last days of normality of a gang of riders who had everything to live for, and slip into the abyss of madness. This is the anti snowboard movie on the road to death or glory. Riders JO TRUCHON - LP DORVAL - ALEX GOGO - AXEL STALL - RUSSELL BEARDSLEY NIC MARCOUX - VINCE KING - T BAG - ALEXIS MAILHOT Also starring DILLON OJO - FRED LACROIX - GAB BELANGER - NIC ROY - THE PIG - JONAT TREMBLAY Presented by ELM COMPANY KING SNOW MAG Supported by PLANET EARTH - BILLABONG - THIRTY TWO - VANS - EMPIRE - STEPCHILD - VON ZIPPER ASHBURY - QUINTIN CO - HOWL - CAPITA - COAL - UNION A movie by JEROME PAGE - SEAN TRAER Filmed by JEROME PAGE - JULIEN CHOINIERE - JEROME CHAREST SEAN TRAER - WILL JOURDAIN - MINI - MAT GIBO Movie drop FALL 2014 Follow the crew on www.nowameanfilms.com Instagram and facebook : @nowamean

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