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New Year, Same Me.

Hello folks, Slightly lighter topic than my last blog post! Just thought I’d give you all an update on what I’ve been up to. First of all on the photography front, I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to join the Media Team for BUSC ( and was invited to the Dryslope Championships in Edinburgh.  I had an awesome experience and made some awesome friends whilst I was at it (hopefully the photos didn’t turn out too badly either).   I also ventured down to CAS to get some images for the BUSC Dome Series, alongside fellow blogger Corey Copeland (who was competing).   I’m looking forward to heading out to Alpe D’Huez on the 19th March with BUSC for Above&Below, one of the biggest University Snowsports Events of the year. Elsewhere, I’ve still been helping out with the photography for the Boobytrap Sessions, the most recent of which was the Christmas Session! I’ve tried to expand my repertoire a little and tried my hand at making an edit rather than getting stills, I’m still very much learning as I go along, it’s a completely different  way of thinking when compared with still photography (Vimeo Link below)!  I’ve also decided to buy a brand new Canon 7D MK2 as a Christmas Present to myself! It’s a nice little upgrade over my Nikon D5300 – will hopefully get to test it out in the next week or so! Speaking of Christmas presents, I was bought a pair of Analog Gentry Mitts from the website and I’m made up with them (thanks Mum).  The quality and comfort is just immense, seriously if you don’t own a pair, don’t hesitate in buying them.  I own a fair amount of the Analog gear and you really can’t go wrong.  Go check out the range! This past year my photography has allowed me to travel around the country and meet new people - hopefully in the future I’ll be able to travel a little further afield!  I’m constantly searching for new experiences and collaborations, if you are organising a sporting event and you think I may be able to help then just give me a shout! Feel free to contact me even if it’s just you and your mates going to a skating session, I’m happy help - you get some decent pictures and I get my name out there! You can get me via Facebook, Instagram or Email. Big thanks to all my friends for their support and everyone who has ever liked, shared or put one of my images up as their profile picture.   Wouldn’t have had some of the opportunities that have come along this year if it weren’t for you guys!  Massive respect to Boardinary as always for allowing me to post on the site! Take it easy, Jay @jae_ buckley @nocomplyphotography  

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