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New WeSC Fall 2014 Collection

  LOOK+6 I think we always recognise this time of year the most, a sudden drop in temperature causing us to get drippy noses and headaches. Its actually a time of year I love and hate at the same time, losing those fun filled days BBQ'ing is certainly a bummer but thank god that hayfever is disappearing for another 12 months. To be honest, its actually a great time of year, because for most of us outdoorsy people its time to dig out the long sleeves and coats so we can embark on another adventure for the winter. Whether it be on a mountain, in the woods or in the city, theres something about the fresh crisp air during this season which makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. Along with a change in temperature, comes new and exciting pieces from the clothing brands we choose to wear. We need to make sure we are fully prepared for what lies ahead in the coming months, from fighting the elements whilst also looking good, WeSC will help you on the way. For Fall ’14 WeSC has focused attention on fit, material and detail, creating a wearable, comfortable, yet stylish collection infused with Scandinavian heritage. WeSC was born on the streets of Stockholm, but living in Sweden you don’t have to move far from the streets until you’re deep in the woods, and from the ever-present forests of Sweden the collection picks up deep green, chestnut, dark blue and the occasional muted red to create a colour palette as shifting as the autumn forest itself. So, if your like me, and you enjoy functionality to your threads as well as aesthetics, then theres no doubt that this brand is for you. Get involved this fall and check out their range online. WeSC will be dropping in our store online on 1st October along with all other good retailers featured on their website. [gallery type="slideshow" link="file" ids="5259,5258,5257,5256"]  

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