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Meet the Team - Boardinary Blog Contributors

Our blog has been the core of Boardinary ever since we started in 2011. I initially started it to capture my love for snowboarding and as time went by, it became quite a popular place to watch videos, read articles and enjoy. As Boardinary has developed, and now become an online store rooted with products that support our passion, the blog is still an important element that we ensure to keep going. That said, we have curated a small team of contributors from the industry who share the same passion, and ultimately just love the lifestyle we all do. You may have noticed a few posts from these guys already, but heres a little more about them: JACK HAYWARD -  12032153_10207460303255833_5722830714068563534_n From Wales, Jack has had his fair share of experiences around the globe already. Having spent some time surfing in Australia, he's also a keen skater and talented photographer. Jack's always travelling around finding new spots to surf, take photos and get some inspiration, so he's a perfect match for Boardinary. Expect to see a lot of inspiring posts from Jack as he gets on with his adventures and check him out on instagram @_jack_hayward_. JAY BUCKLEY - 11223587_10206630541539542_2039269916718710923_n Jay came on board recently and had all the right interests and passions as I did, not only is he a chillfactore local and great snowboarder, but he also loves photography capturing the scene in Manchester under his banner No Comply Photography. He's part of a great bunch of people who just live and breathe snowboarding over at my local dome, so he's always got great stories and images to share. Recently falling in love with skateboarding also, expect to see a lot of great action shots from Jay whether its in the dome or in the park. Instagram @jae_buckley. COREY COPELAND -  10387206_963291850362801_7940293522120771577_n You can tell Corey just loves snowboarding as he's always got a smile on his face when he's riding. He's super talented, repping the likes of Endeavour, Volcom, Spy and Subvert to name a few, but the part he plays in the industry is pretty admirable.  Another local down at Chillfactore, Corey also spends his time working with the kids at the Boobytrap, and helps out John during the freestyle sessions, and its here where you can really tell his love for riding really shines through. Some of you will even have noticed his first post about Kids in Snowboarding nowadays, and how important he feels snowboarding can be in children's lives. All round top guy, down to earth and great to have him on board. Instagram @coreycopeland.yeooo. If you have any questions for the guys, drop a line at and we can pass the message on, otherwise, look forward to their posts in the future!  

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