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Lick the Cat: A Purrfect Summer

Lick the Cat: A Purrfect Summer from High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Vimeo. The LTC Boys dumped their litter boxes for the summer and headed to High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood for some paw-licking fun. The purrfect end of summer edit for people who like to watch videos of kittens up close with a wide angle lens. Kittens: Griffin Siebert, Michael Wick, JD Dennis, Nils Mindnich, Zak Hale, Ben Bilodeau, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Blake Paul, Jack Dawe, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Spencer Schubert, Max Warbington Edited by: LTC's Jeremy "The Big Jerm" Thornburg and Colton Morgan Filmed by: Jon Stark, Matt Roberge, Colton Morgan, Jeremy Thornburg, Derek Combs, Mia Lambson and Eli Olson

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