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Kids who do Action Sports - The Truth

It’s been 8 years now since I first stepped foot on a skateboard, and I’ve been a snowboarder (by religion) for the best part of 6. Although this blog post has nothing to do with my OWN skateboarding, or snowboarding for that matter, there has been something I have noticed along the way. I’ve been around kids my whole life, worked with them for a long time too and it didn’t take me long to realise there is a difference between kids/people that are involved in action sports, and your average kid that is notoriously hooked on video games and lounging around the house in his/her underpants. Since teaching snowboarding I have had countless crazy conversations with youngsters and I am not going to lie, I get more sense out of them than I do most adults. Scott Walsh, being a prime example. This dude is 12, he rips hard and a lot of the time I feel as if I’m talking to a 24 year old. Mia Brookes, she’s 8 years old and has more swag than Jay-Z. Chris Harrison, again 8 years old and taught me that Axolotls’ are soon to be extinct as people are testing on them so much. Mia killin There is something different in these kids, and I don’t mean the ones that pick a skateboard up for a day and then run back into the house to complain it’s too hard. I mean the ones that stick with it, the ones (like me and you) that dream about snowboarding/skateboarding, whatever they’re into, all day, and all night. Which brought me to the obvious question, what is it? Why have I even noticed this difference and why am I now writing a blog about it? This question has been on my mind for some time now and I think parents (and kids) need to know. Snowboarding, skateboarding, Moto X, Wakeboarding and unfortunately probably even football inevitably teaches a child (or anyone for that matter) a few VERY important life lessons, and I feel this is something parents could do with knowing. Dedication – These sports aren’t easy, we all know it. You are flying around on a plank of wood for god sake. It takes time, blood, sweat and tears to get anywhere with it. You’ll fall and you’ll fail time and time again, which let’s face it, makes landing something feel frikkin sweet. Patience – Sometimes I’ll try for days, even weeks. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. The thing with these sports are, you both will and can do it, you just have to earn it. Motivation – You have to want it, you have to try it and you have to earn it, and it doesn’t come so easy. Team Work – This is probably a surprising point for a few readers, however stomping a new trick can feel, at the best of times, like a team effort. The people around you will impact your riding massively, and without the ‘boys’ (or girls) tricks might come a lot harder than you think! There’s nothing like egging your mate on to try his/her first 3, backy or double and witnessing them throw it down for the team. Respect – The amount of gratification/ respect I see come from these kids is crazy. The whole ‘respect your elders’ thing is long gone and if I’m honest, I’ll happily carry on face-planting in front of these little dudes as I know they’ll give credit where its due. Resilience – You and I both know not everything comes first try, and when it does, sometimes it doesn’t feel quite as good as hiking that rail/jump and face-planting 50 times before stomping the shizz out of it. These sports give people the ability to pick themselves back up and try again. Drop me an email if I’m wrong, but I seem to think that all the above points can be strongly related to day to day life, and not everybody has these aspects, or at least uses them. I’m not in any way saying that kids/people that don’t partake in action sports will never have respect, motivation or resilience but what I AM saying is that these sports will teach a kid, an adult, your gran, a thing or two about yourself and day to day life.  


  • Karen Thorne

    They are definitely a special breed of people. Along with characteristics you have mentioned I would also say they have high levels of creativity & innovative thought.
    James Thorne ex pro rider is my son & skating & snowboarding have been his lifes’ passions. As has the camaraderie between like minded people.
    It never fails to fascinate me how people we know who are involved in snowboarding back in the day are now all involved in an amazing diversity of careers. Commentating live & on TV, making films & TV programmes, art & design, writing articles, instructing snowboarding,cookery DJBBQ!, one even won an Olympic medal!Many work in the snowboard/ski/surf industry in some capacity, some run their own chalets.
    James now owns his own company the Extreme Action Sport Tour.
    A special breed of people indeed… them. And good luck to the up & comers.

  • Lynn

    Young Chris Harrison is my great nephew and your totally correct in your writings.He has all of those points plus many many more.His two sisters join him on the slopes and again it’s a ditto ! all the comments are true. Also these sports have added to their confidence,which will aid their passages through life Which we all know can be damn difficult for the best of us.Well doneCorey for giving your time and sportsmanship to ALL of these little dudes and dudettes xxxx

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