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Friends in High Places

This past September my girlfriend Michelle and I drove up the West Coast for a few weeks to visit some old friends. I took along my camera and drone and put together this video. See more photos of the trip on my blog People Eric Ethans- We moved down to San Diego together when were 19, he now lives in Tahoe after the success of his juice company SUJA Lee Leatherman- Son of Leatherman multi-tool founder Tim Leatherman, Lee lives on a farm in rural Oregon Foster Huntington- Successfully navigating the world of social media, Foster now consults with select companies and self-pulishes books to fund his projects. After traveling the US in his VW van, he's returned home to Washington and turned his focus on creating his dream compound. By Cyrus Sutton Featuring Foster Huntington Eric Ethans Lee Leathermen Michelle Marchese Joe Curren Ryan Lovelace Music Arklife "Some Unheroic Hill" Additional Footage Donnie Hedden Reis Paluso Artwork Andrew Groves Miscellaneous Adventures Supported by Reef Leatherman

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