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Explore - Roads Less Taken

Explore - Roads Less Taken from Ilusive on Vimeo. Its a constant battle most snowboarders face, where to ride and will there be enough snow when winter hits? Especially being from the UK. However the guys over the West Coast of the U.S are blessed with some great snowfalls, but its the creativeness behind individuals looking at different types of terrain and how to ride it. What better place than Oregan with its varying landscape, and this season a small crew of riders need your backing to produce a documentary about the whole thing! Explore Oregon - Roads Less Taken
The entire West Coast was under a drought this past winter, but with enough passion and a creative mind, snowboarding was still to be had. This upcoming Winter will shape the type of snowboarding you see in this film. My film will follow the lives of 5 individuals and their personal perspectives on adventurous snowboarding within Oregon. The film will not only focus on snowboarding, it will also shine light on unique and less travelled terrain for snowboarding. During the fall season, the film will follow myself and snowboards Drew VanNice​, Jonny Sischo​, Alex Vincent Kolla​r, Matt Kratzer​ and Taylor Rydman​ as we hike and search out new landscapes. A fallen tree, a rock wall, a cleared hillside, all of these natural features open up possibilities for natural snowboarding. The Roads Less Taken film will then continue as we go back to the spots we mapped out as winter approaches and snow starts falling. I created the Explore Oregon series to show people different perspectives on living and snowboarding within Oregon. For me and other passionate snowboarders, snowboarding is much more than what you see on social media, tv, or within competitions. To us, it’s a way of life, an adventure, and an art form. I want to show people the beauty that we see every time we strap into our snowboards. After the film is completed there will be an outdoor screening during the summer of 2016. A screening location and time has not been scheduled yet, but I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your time!
View their crowdfunding project at the link below. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/roads-less-taken-an-explore-oregon-film/x/11444022#/story

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