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After a long couple of weeks of no surf and just work it was time for a small break away. I decided to head down to Newquay, Cornwall. The home to British surfing.. supposedly. After a good 3 hour drive in to the scenic areas of Cornwall we rocked up at our small but comfortable accommodation. Boards jammed in to the car sticking in the back of our necks for that amount of time (no roof rack) I think anywhere would of felt comfortable. Dropping the stuff off and going to check the surf. We headed down to Fistral south and every man and his dog was in the water. It was a zoo out there. Although the surf wasn't too bad it was a bit of fun. People dropping in left, right and center it was like a game of dodgems. That's Newquay for you. Having a weak spot for coffee, the next morning it was the coffee hunt. It was a cold, windy, rainy typical British summers day. In the midst of the dreary British weather we came across Watershed surf shop. I highly recommend these guys for coffee and a haircut. With the box and barbers coffee shop upstairs serving origin coffee to a high standard with the best healthy breakfast around! Plus some amazing customs to have a peek at and empty your wallet on. Unfortunately due to the weather everything was on shore, the wind was howling and there was not a wave in sight. Managing a 4 hour session the day before so it wasn't too bad as it was only a quick stop over. Exploring the coast and around the harbour and checking out what the local area had to offer and also had some great photo opportunities! Check out the gallery above and any comments would be appreciated! Jack.

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