5 reasons why you should start snowboarding in 2017

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5 reasons why you should start snowboarding in 2017

It's been a couple of weeks since we brought in the New Year to the sound of "New Year, new me!". That dreaded time on social media when everybody is pledging to start shedding a little Christmas timber, promises to go through the whole of January without touching a drop of alcohol, and all sorts of resolutions like doing something you have never done before every single day. 

Granted, we totally respect those who actually stick to their New Year changes, however as time goes on it's more likely that we will start seeing posts crop up on Facebook of the odd glass of wine or McDonalds breakfast, coupled with a guilty and regretful caption. However, why put yourself through that misery? If your really keen on changing your lifestyle, do it, but it's also important that you set realistic goals for the year as well. Here are 5 reasons why we think your best bet of a happy 2017 would be to get out there, step on a board and start shredding.

1. Going out of your comfort zone

It's a well known fact that most action sports scare the shit out of people. It's also a well known fact that going out of your comfort zone is good for your personal and mental development, and exposing you to situations you may have never been in. You might be pretty scared when you first start snowboarding, but it's a great feeling when you nail it!

2. Seeing the world

Everybody suffers from a bit of wanderlust when they see a picture of a beautiful snowy mountain on Instagram. Why can't that be you? The great thing is that this dream is not so distant with the affordability of cheap flights to the mountains these days. Snowboarding is just the best excuse to see some of the most amazing places on our planet.

3. Making new friends 

A lot of people think that snowboarders can be clicky, stubborn people, who refuse to allow others step into their bubble of self worth. However, when speaking from experience it is actually the complete opposite. Snowboarders are well traveled, level headed and open minded people who will always welcome newcomers to their beloved industry. Your going to always get a few wankers in any walk of life, but we're sure you'll make some mates for life when you start riding!

4. Supporting a predominately independent industry

Lets face it, snow sports doesn't have the highest participation rate over the world, why would it when it's 99% dictated by the weather (with the exception of domes and dryslope)? However, there are still a huge amount of businesses (like us) that are choosing to make a living purely because of the passion for the sport. The more people we get involved, the more people are helping keep these businesses alive.

5. Increasing positive vibes

Similar to the first point, but definitely one of the best reasons for starting to snowboard this year is the sheer amount of positive experiences you will have, and the effect it has on your mental wellbeing. There is no better feeling than nailing your first turn, hitting your first rail, perfecting your first 360, buying a fresh new set up, being with friends in the mountains. From all aspects of it, snowboarding really is the best sport out there.

Enough to wet your appetite? If any of these reasons is enough to make you start looking at riding, the first thing you'll need is lessons. There are so many great snow schools out there in all parts of the world which can help you start out, we'd recommend the guys at Real Snowboarding in an awesome resort like Morzine - http://www.realsnowboarding.co.uk/

 Get out there and make 2017 the best yet!

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