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5 Essentials for your Snowboard Season

When we talk about a season, we don't mean an Ibiza style piss up every night in Val D'Isere, funded by mummy and daddy, wearing your Jack Wills attire and barely touching the mountain. We mean a season where you actually go and snowboard, everyday, you actually care about being on the mountain and the après is just an activity to fill the time before you get back out there! With that in mind, and the fact that most of you lucky buggers will be jetting off on a season very soon, we have put together our 5 essentials to get you through the winter, wherever you may be. So take a look, gain some inspiration and if your like me and still not got most of your kit, you can find most of it here! Analog Foxhole 3LS Jacket - £110 foxhole Perfect for those slushy park days toward the end of the winter, or even layer up underneath on those colder days. Whats great about the Analog Foxhole Jacket is that for the price, you get a top looking jacket which can be worn both on the mountain and on the street afterwards. Find it here: Salomon Sabotage Snowboard - £319.99 sabotage You need a good board to last you the whole winter, and what better than probably one of my favourite boards out there at the moment, the Sabotage. Perfect for all mountain riding and those chilled days in the park, the boards flat out camber profile ensures you get amazing stability and response when riding the piste, but mix that with a popster booster wood core to get loads of pop in the park. We don't sell snowboards, but our good friends at Subvert do. You can buy the Salomon Sabotage here: Mizu Bottles - £15.99-£19.99 mizu Lets face it, your going to be doing some drinking out there. Mostly in the bars for Apres, but probably on the mountain as well. One of the best things about doing a season is that you will meet new people, make new friends and have an awesome time. So the sensible ones out there will use these bottles for their intended purpose, staying hydrated on the hill, whether thats water or booze its up to you... You can shop Mizu bottles here: GoPro Hero 4 Camera: £279.99 GOPRO Your going to want to capture some memories from the season, and if you do that just on your iPhone thats fine. However for those that are more serious with their riding and want to capture some footage, the new GoPro Hero 4 camera would be perfect. With an ever better spec than before, capturing both stills and film, encased in a waterproof cover up to 40cm, GoPro has become a staple name in the snow industry and used worldwide. We don't sell GoPro, but you can pick one up from Selfridges both in store and online: Poler Stuff Field Pack - £30 field Lastly, you'll need an awesome bag to put all of this kit in. There's plenty of snowboard specific packs you can buy out there that are waterproof etc, and you can take up the mountain. However you don't want to be doing that as all your mates will probably make you the designated lunch carrier. Get a bag just like the Poler Field pack which is perfect for carrying your everyday essentials like laptop, camera, water bottle etc, and plus is looks rad! You can pick up a Poler pack here:
  So now you've got all your gear, your all set to go for your season. You don't need to be going away all winter to appreciate these products in their best environment as they're also perfect if your just riding for a weeks holiday here and there. Go check out all the other products on both our store and our friends, and if you've not thought about even doing a season yet, check out Cooler Mag's article on why you should -

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