5 Brands to look out for this season

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5 Brands to look out for this season

It might just be me, but it really feels like the winter has now kicked in. Darker in the mornings, coats on as we leave the house, and more snowboarding content is appearing on the web every day! Not to mention there is a ton of rad new films dropping at this time of year as well to get you stoked.

One of my favourite parts of getting excited for the winter, is kitting myself out with the latest gear for my next shred trip. That said, we've already began to see the newest collections from most brands out there and some of us have even started to purchase. 

So what can we expect from some of the brands this year? Same old style and prints on outerwear, or something fresh on the accessories side? We've picked out 5 brands to keep your eye on if your thinking of getting ready for the cold now.


I always had a perception that every year Volcom used to get overlooked as an outerwear choice, however that is certainly not true. Getting stronger every season, and building one of the best teams in the business, Volcom's super reliable outwear will keep you covered on the hill for many more seasons to come!


Transform Gloves:

Transform was one of the first snowboard brands we chose to stock on Boardinary since day 1. We loved their brand image and clean style, standing for everything that is right with snowboarding. Stock flew out in our first season to even places like the USA, so you can definitely tell that their promising team of established riders is reciprocating around the globe! Make Transform your choice of glove this winter.


Coal Headwear:

When it comes to headwear, Coal know exactly how to perfect craftsmanship with style. Even though the bulk of the snow market are probably only really familiar with their knits, predominately the likes of frena solid beanie and uniform, their expanded hat collection is really one to admire. Taking upon different themes each season for inspiration, if you delve a little deeper into the brands collection online I'm sure you will be suprised!


Crab Grab:

If somebody came along and told you that they were starting a business, aiming to improve the already boring stomp pad market, you'd have probably laughed at them. Crab Grab did just that, and the brand has gone from strength to strength every single season. This year, we see the introduction of mitts, binding bags and even underwear to their collection! Definitely keep an eye out on this when it drops.



You've probably never heard of Mizu, but chances are the more time goes on that you will. We've stocked Mizu since day 1 and their 100% BPA free bottles have gone down an absolute treat with our customers. Jussi Oksanen started the brand with a mission to protect the places where we play, lessing plastic waste and encouraging the use of reusable products to live a healthier lifestyle. Ranging from a full custom series to even glass bottles, go check out the collection today!


So who's excited for the winter? Get yourself geared up today and hey whilst your at it, use the discount code WINTERISHERE for 15% off your purchase.

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