Why Boardinary is going green.

  recyclecover More and more people these days are becoming increasingly aware of how important our environment is. For years we've taken it for granted, and its safe to say we probably still do, however as Global Warming gains more exposure on mainstream television and media today we're beginning to see more action taking place. What we are passionate about, and the mountains in particular, are getting increasingly vulnerable as the years go on, and its important we all chip in and do everything we can to help save the planet. Therefore we've decided to take a bit more of a stance when it comes to going green, and to show you guys how we intend to go about it... Carefully Selected Brands  Whilst every single product on our store might not necessarily be 'green', every single one of our brands in 2016 play their part in sustainability. Burton follow their Green Mountain Process, and have the blue sign partnership, where they ensure that the whole product manufacturing and supply chain process leaves as little footprint as possible. Mizu bottles promote re-use rather than singular use products and are BPA free, all the while collaborating with Poler Stuff and giving 1% of proceeds to charity:water. Its so good to share a passion with the brands we collaborate with who all want to do their bit to help climate change. gmpcampvibes E-Receipts Whilst it may play a little part, every little helps. Whats the point in printing off reels of paper for you to just chuck in the bin when we email every single customer a fantastic personalised receipt anyway? Therefore moving forward all you will need as a record of your purchase is the email you receive when you checkout. Promotional Material We're not the type of company that wants to be giving away free Grazebox or Pizza Express vouchers in every package, so we will carefully select and limit all promotional material we give away with every purchase. That said, we also endeavour to move away from typical flyer and business card marketing whilst taking a digital approach to pushing the boardinary brand. Postage Bags All bags we send out are 100% recyclable. So before you chuck it in the bin once you've opened your purchase, make sure to throw the bag in your plastic recycling bin and help out a bit as well. POW Whilst we are at the beginning of our journey to become a greener brand, POW have been at the forefront of leading climate change way before our inception. Personally and as a company we've been massive supporters of POW and their fight against climate change since day 1, so we plan to work tirelessly to support wherever we can to help this great charity continue to fulfil its goal. Stay tuned for further updates on how we go about this. pow   We want to thank you for choosing Boardinary and your continued purchases and support is what helps us to keep doing what we love. This is just the beginning..

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