Red Bull Supernatural

This event, which has been developed by Travis Rice, looks pretty sick. However Im not sure that the idea of creating man made features in backcountry terrain will determine the best all around snowboarder? I know its just my opinion but surely the best all around snowboarder in the world can make the most out of what natural features are on offer and it is how they use the terrain around them which shows how creative and versatile they can be. I would agree with one or two kickers if the spot where the event was held struggled for any natural booters.
Anyway, check the video as it does look amazing even though I have had a little rant about it.


I suppose they have created these features so they can judge how creative each rider can be in terms of picking the correct line, and creating a slopestyle kind of format on a backcountry run.
Read more about it and check out the article by clicking here.

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